Top health & wellbeing podcasts for 2019

When it comes to knowledge building (and just general reading) I’m a bit of a digital-phobe. You could say I've been reluctant to fully immerse myself in the digital age - preferring a ‘real’ book over an e-book and a printed newspaper over scrolling through a 'news feed'. We have so much 'essential' screen time … Continue reading Top health & wellbeing podcasts for 2019

Technology: How it’s Harming our Health

The headlines continue to emerge on the negative health outcomes of our modern day relationship with (or addiction to) technology. Outcomes that span mental, physical and emotional health. Outcomes that mean we should all be stopping to ask ourselves: “Is technology really working for me?” Here I'm sharing a recent post I wrote for a local health business, … Continue reading Technology: How it’s Harming our Health

Are you mixing food & plastic?

Big global companies are making bold moves when it comes to plastic. By 2020 IKEA will have stopped selling all single use plastic products and Starbucks will have eliminated plastic straws - saving over 1 billion straws every year. And finally the major Australian supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, have banned single use plastic bags. A welcomed move given that … Continue reading Are you mixing food & plastic?

New ‘official’ words for 2018

It wasn't until recently that I realised just how many new 'official' words we have at our disposal every year. That's because the Oxford English Dictionary is updated four times annually. I discovered this after stumbling upon an article talking about some of the latest new entries. Like cultural appropriation, mardy bum and everything bagel......and … Continue reading New ‘official’ words for 2018