It’s easy to take the safe well-trodden copywriting path. To write in tried and tested ways. Especially if you’re a small or local business without a defined tone of voice or a big budget. But often being brave with words is what’s needed to do the trick. As well as being authentic, succinct and persuasive. This is where I come in.

Copywriting services include:

  • Website copy and email newsletters
  • Social media, blog posts and news stories
  • Advertising materials and brochures
  • Naming of products/services and taglines
  • Professional profiles and CVs
  • And more

Neon Script takes a bold approach that:

  • Makes the familiar exciting
  • Is conversational and relate-able
  • Always say more with less – fewer words, more impact
  • Favours plain English over jargon
  • Prefers to be different rather than conventional

Icon 128 speech singleIt’s a recipe that works especially well for small and local businesses for whom boldly using words can mean standing out from the crowd.

Words really can show how you’re different and why your audience should choose you.

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