It’s a bit of a common misconception that the vast majority of yoga students are female. Taking the local yoga studio I visit as an example there are more than a handful of guys in every class – guys of all ages and fitness levels. And, a recent article covered how, in Australia at least, yoga is climbing up the list of popular physical activities – a climb that must be driven by more males opening themselves up to yoga.

But, for every guy that’s into yoga there are many yet haven’t yet been brave enough to try it. Often it’s a small thing holding them back like ‘I don’t know what to wear’…..Yes it’s true – so much so that I dived into male yoga gear to write a piece for Power Living Australia to answer the question: what do guys wear to yoga?’


Whether you’re a guy keen to try yoga, or a female who wants her partner to tag along as a plus one, read on to find out how that dressing for yoga as a male is as easy as savasana…..

Guys: This is what to wear for yoga

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