Big global companies are making bold moves when it comes to plastic. By 2020 IKEA will have stopped selling all single use plastic products and Starbucks will have eliminated plastic straws – saving over 1 billion straws every year. And finally the major Australian supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, have banned single use plastic bags. A welcomed move given that Australians throw away over 7,000 every minute or over 10 million every day!

I’m hopeful this major pro plastic free push will get us all thinking about ditching plastic. That’s why I’m talking here about eliminating plastic food storage….


For a couple of years plastic has been a thing of the past in my kitchen. My move to glass was driven by many reasons. Reasons I recently explained in a news story for a local health business.

I’m sharing the story here – if it prompts even one reader to reconsider their attachment to plastic I’ll be happy: 

Protect Your Health – Choose Glass: 10 big reasons to eliminate plastic food storage


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